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The Temperament Test & Evaluation

Before we start dog training, I’ll come to your home because I like to see the dog in its regular environment. Most problems begin in the home and that is the best place to fix them. Then we can do two things:

  • First, we’ll give your dog a temperament test.  This way, we can get inside the dog’s head and figure out what’s going on and exactly what the best approach is for your  dog.
  • And second–we’ll have you do some handling exercises so that we can see what the current relationship is like between you and your dog.

Then  I’ll be able to give you both an accurate price quote as well as a time estimate.

The Training Session

The way it works is I  don’t train the dog, you train the dog.  I will come to your house once a week, and we’ll work on one or two  behaviors.  Once your dog is performing correctly and you understand how get your dog to perform, it’s up to you to practice during the week.  That way that even if you move, or if you travel… anywhere you go, the dog’s going to listen to you. Rather than, “Great– why does he listen to the trainer, but he doesn’t listen to me?”

When I come back the next week, we review what your dog know, and work on more behaviors.

But you have to commit to practicing with your dog every day. If you don’t practice with your dog, you won’t get the results.. During our private sessions, I will teach you how to train and modify your dog’s behavior. Sessions include a combination of educational information, observation and assessment of your dog, discussion of animal behavior, behavior modification and training techniques as well as direct, hands-on practice opportunities. Sessions take place in your home or in another place of your choosing such as walks around the neighborhood, local parks, and stores that welcome dogs. Lessons generally last 60 to 90 minutes and the whole family is encouraged to participate. Children under 18 must have a parent present.

Practice doesn’t mean tiring drills. Knowing how to easily incorporate your dog’s new skills in your daily routine is a key part of dog training. The purpose of obedience training is not about teaching the dog to do tricks for treats, it’s about living with a well-mannered pet dog that you enjoy taking along wherever you go – coffee at the cafe and off leash at the beach. It’s about having a calm dog that watches for instructions, settles down on cue, walks politely on leash, waits at doors, and comes when called.

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