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Limited Time Offer: Book a FREE evaluation and temperament test for your dog! (An $99 Value!)

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Family Dog Training Guarantees Your Dog Will Listen...

A Better Behaved Dog Is Just a Phone Call Away!

Call 772-284-9011 for a FREE Temperament Test and Evaluation for your dog. (An $99 value!)

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We Can Train Any Dog.

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If your dog has a behavior problem, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are wrangling a new puppy, unruly adolescent, or teaching an old dog new tricks, we can help you train your dog. We have a very high success rate in helping discerning Treasure Coast dog owners with problem behaviors such as not listening, unruly behavior, anxiety and aggression.

Fearful, aggressive dogs become more relaxed and pushy dogs learn that life is far more enjoyable when they cooperate with their owners. Clients that weren’t able to walk down the street without worrying what might happen if their dog met another dog or a child gain the confidence it takes to go for a simple walk


Licensed & Insured

30 Years Experience



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End Bad Behavior

We specialize in restoring calm to homes through a well trained dog

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Off Leash Obedience

Training a rock solid recall means more fun and freedom for you and your dog.

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All Dogs, All Breeds

Choose from our easy, at home training or our even easier Board & Train program.

Fastest, Most Effective Solutions To Your Dog Training Needs.

We will have your dog happily listening to every command, even around distractions, and you don’t need to be a skilled dog trainer yourself. That’s what we’re for!

Featured Programs

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Boarding & Dog Training

Wouldn’t it be nice if you went on vacation and found your dog got smart while you were gone? It can happen!


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In Home Dog Training

Obedience training is not about teaching the dog treats, it’s about living with a well-mannered dog that you enjoy.

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Puppy Training

Stop bad habits before they start and prevent serious problems like fear, aggression, and home alone problems.

Satisfied dog training client gives her opinion of Family Dog Training

Mr. Chips listens a lot and he’s doing really, really well.  You know, I see where it takes a lot of patience but its been delightful.  I took a picture of the diploma and mailed it to everybody I know.  Thank you for your time, your patience and attention.  I really would have been a mess if I hadn’t met you.  I hope you have a great summer and thanks again.–Sharon Ainsley


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Call Family Dog Training by Pet Etiquette for a temperament test and evaluation, today!

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