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Does Your Dog Have Too Much Fun?

Dogs are a lot like children. If you don't give them something fun to do, they will make their own fun—and often not in ways you approve of.   Only thing is, they can't call their friends on the phone, read Facebook, play video games or Pokemon Go.  The highlight of their day is when you come home, the 15 minutes they spend eating, and an occasional leash walk. They're your best friend.  Friends

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Can You Over Do Socialization?

Yes, you can overdo socialization! Your puppy would see new sights and sounds at a train station, but it may frighten her too much. Slow down or stop if you see any of these signs of distress:   Yawning Nose Licking Tongue Flicking Distractibility Inability to Focus Panting is a cool room Shivering/Shaking Clinginess Jumping Up On Mom/Dad Refusing Treats Ears Back Tail Tucked Pacing

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What Is Puppy Socialization?

What Is Socialization? Socialization means more than just letting your puppy meet other people and other dogs.  It mean introducing your puppy to new sights, smells, sounds and experiences each and every day BEFORE your puppy is 20 weeks old,   It is a crucial step to raising a friendly, confident dog and should not be skipped.  Its extremely important that you puppy should enjoy socialization. Up until 3-4 mont

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