What Is Obedience Training?

What Is Obedience Training?

Puppy and young girl reading a bookOften when people talk about training a dog, everything gets lumped into the same “catch all” category. For instance, it is assumed that socialization is part of obedience training. The two do go hand in hand, but are in fact separate issues. Others think of obedience training as something that you do to get the dog to “perform,” so that it can do “tricks.”

In fact, obedience refers to your dog’s ability to follow the instructions of its handler. Ideally you, as your dog’s handler, should be able to request that your dog sit or down (lie down), walk without yanking or pulling on the leash, come when called, or drop it when asked. This is an obedient dog.

Your puppy knew how to sit, stay still, stand, and lie down before he ever met you. What he needs is to be taught to do these things predictably on your request.
A dog that will “down” for you in a public situation around distractions is usually a good sign of a dog who is under control. This is a dog who is welcome in many places.

It is difficult to anticipate all the circumstances you might encounter with your dog during your life together. However, there are some everyday situations that are common to the dog-human relationship which are well established. With basic obedience in place, many real life situations that you encounter with your dog should not create big problems.

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