Pet Training

We love teaching this class because we get to see dogs and their owners make such leaps in their behavior.

WalkAbouts are perfect for unruly or overly friendly dogs that have issues either on or off leash with other dogs and with people. If your dog is barking and lunging at dogs or people, snapping or biting, or even just fearful and shy, this is the class to help your dog become more obedient, confident and calm.

You don’t need lots and lots of commands to have a well behaved dog, but your pet needs to know the basics really, really well, i.e.  how to walk  politely on a loose leash, how to greet  people without jumping, to sit calm when requested, and pay attention to his owner.  To do that, we take it on the road–in the car, through drive-through windows, into shops that  accept dogs, and to the park in order to provide critical social training where they learn how to interact around the distractions of other people and dogs.

WalkAbouts are the perfect way to train your dog!  Your dog learns how to walk nicely on a leash while getting needed exercise and socialization .

Service Highlights

  • Perfect For Unruly and Overly Friendly Dogs
  • Your Dog Will Become More Confident and Calm
  • Stop Pulling, Barking, and Lunging
  • Your Dog Gets Needed Socialization & Exercise
  • Learn How to Use the Leash Securely
  • Safely Control Your Dog