Puppy Raising Program

images14Do you have a busy schedule? Would you like to ensure that your puppy receives the best possible introduction to city life from highly trained and experienced dog professionals? Let us help you raise a happy, social, confident puppy.

At this important stage in your puppy’s life, our positive training techniques focus on exploring, encouragement, socialization, relationship and confidence building – everything you need to prepare your pup for a happy, stress-free life.

Charm School puppies live in a loving home environment. For puppies over 8 weeks old we will custom design a feeding, watering and house breaking routine to meet your schedule and that of your dogs.

During this time, your puppy will also be learning house skills such as waiting to go out the door, being crated for safety, sleeping and veterinary visits, basic commands and general good behavior. Our aim is to provide you and your pup with the right foundation for life within your family.

Your puppy will be house trained and taught good habits and manners that will last a lifetime. They will accompany us to the park and local stores that welcome dogs. Your pet will be socialized to different sights and sounds, children, people of different sizes and ethnicities, and lots of different dogs in a safe, controlled manner.

In addition to exposing your puppy to new experiences in a safe environment, we use gentle, positive methods to teach your puppy to accept a collar and leash without a fuss, accept necessary handling (ears, feet, tail), simple grooming, nail trimming, relinquish treats and toys, valued items, inhibit bites, enter his crate willingly, take treats gently, be calm during sweeping, and other normal activities, sit for petting, lie down on command, come when called, follow their human on leash, and more!

The program covers

❏ House Training, Crate Training, and Training Games
❏ Solving problems like jumping, play biting, destructive chewing, barking, and pulling on leash
❏ Puppies will be introduced to basic manners and obedience commands:   Sit, Come, Leash Walking, & Leave It
❏  Handling and Gentling: Catch, Cuddle, Exam and Restrain your Puppy, Veterinary and Groomer Handling Routines, Frustration Tolerance,

We strongly encourage weekly visits for you and your four legged friend while he is in training so that you can review all that he is learning and how to maintain those behaviors.

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