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Your New Puppy Includes 4 Paws, Needle Sharp Teeth, And Deluxe Mischief Package.  Socialization & Manners Not Included

Congratulations on getting your new dog. Whether you are new to dog ownership, or an experienced veteran, each pup has his or her own personality, bringing new fun and new challenges.  Your pet’s behavior and temperament now depends completely on your care, appropriate socialization and training. Success or failure is in your hands.

Let’s be honest. Having a puppy is a lot of work. Puppies need a great deal of training and socialization if you want them to grow into friendly, well-behaved adult dogs.  It can be a little bit overwhelming.  Where will s/he sleep?  How do I teach them where to potty?  What do I do if my puppy makes a mistake?  Should I use a crate?  When should I start training? How can I get my puppy to stop chewing on everything?  Should I take my puppy to the dog park?  What is the best way to socialize my puppy?….the list of questions is endless. 

I Can Help 

• With all puppy essentials, from potty training and manners to beginning obedience
• Stop bad habits before they start
• Prevent serious problems like fear, aggression, and home alone problems

With Family Dog Training, you get

  • Convenient service in your home or our even easier board and train program
  • A customized puppy training program tailored to your needs
  • A professional, certified dog trainer

The result?

A well-mannered, well-adjusted puppy

Puppy Training Includes

  • Puppy Manners:  Polite greetings, Walk nicely on leash, learning to settle, come when called, wait at the door
  • Problem Solving: House training, chew training, good barking manners, share toys and treats, crate training
  • Socialization:  Handling and Gentling, Catch, Cuddle, and Restraint for Simple Veterinary and Grooming Routines, Field Trips, Meeting People, Dogs
  • Prevent Problems:  Fear, Aggression, Home Alone Problems

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