Your New Puppy Includes 4 Paws, Needle Sharp Teeth, And Deluxe Mischief Package.  Socialization & Manners Not Included

Let’s be honest. Having a puppy is a lot of work. They need a great deal of training and socialization if you want them to grow into friendly, well-behaved adult dogs.

I Can Help 

• With all puppy essentials, from potty training and manners to beginning obedience
• Stop bad habits before they start
• Prevent serious problems like fear, aggression, and home alone problems

With Family Dog Training, you get

  • Convenient service in your home or our even easier board and train program
  • A customized puppy training program tailored to your needs
  • A professional, certified dog trainer

The result?

A well-mannered, well-adjusted puppy

Puppy Training Includes

  • Puppy Manners:  Polite greetings, Walk nicely on leash, learning to settle, come when called, wait at the door
  • Problem Solving: House training, chew training, good barking manners, share toys and treats, crate training
  • Socialization:  Handling and Gentling, Catch, Cuddle, and Restraint for Simple Veterinary and Grooming Routines, Field Trips, Meeting People, Dogs
  • Prevent Problems:  Fear, Aggression, Home Alone Problems
Call the Cathy, the Puppy Specialist,  at 772-284-9011 for a obedient, friendly puppy!