Problem Solving

Most people who contact a professional trainer are looking for immediate help with whatever behavior problems they are experiencing. Pet Etiquette’s “Fast Track Training” offers clients immediate assistance and immediate results: most owners report improvements so dramatic that they feel they don’t need more than one session.

No more missed classes or scheduling conflicts, you only have to gather the family together one time. Spend the day working with us and learn how to live happily with pet for the rest of your lives!

In Just 1 Day you and your dog will learn:

➤ Polite Leash Walking. No more pulling on the leash, your dog will walk calmly next to you
➤ How to get your dogs attention and have him/her come when called
➤ Sit and wait before going through doors, for their food bowl and for greeting people
➤ Leave It–Release stolen objects and ignore things on the ground 

Or maybe you have a different problem .  No matter, we’re great at Problem Solving.  Call today for a free phone consultation.