House & Crate Training

There are few things that are certain to sour the human-dog relationship in a heart-beat.  Biting the hand that feeds it is one, using the house as a toilet is the other.  Most people have a low threshold for the constant cleaning and damage their dogs do to rugs and floors; house soiling has sent thousands of dogs to shelters and ultimately euthanasia.  Each mistake your dog makes is a potential disaster, since it means many more to come. If your pup is allowed to make “mistakes,” bad habits quickly become the norm.  More complex is the dog that used to be clean, but is now soiling in the house.

Family Dog Training can put you on the Fast Track to a solution–we’ll come by your home, help you set up a feeding and potty schedule, and determine the best way to confine your dog.

Successful house training prevents mistakes and establishes good habits from the outset.  Remember, good habits are just as hard to break as bad ones.  This expanded session covers the following topics:

  • The Crate
  • Crate Alternatives
  • House Training When You Work Full Time
  • How to Handle Accidents
  • Daily Routine
  • Teaching Your Puppy To “Hold It”
  • Elimination “On Cue”
  • Puppy Proof Your House
  • Trouble Shooting
  • When Its Not A House Training Problem