The hiring of a professional pet trainer is too important a decision to make just on the basis of a web page or phone call. While other dog trainers are trying to sell you a 6-week course over the phone, in order to give you and your furry friend the best possible training we need to meet face to face! Unlike other fields, professional dog training is not about having systems, outlines or processes. It’s not a “cookie cutter” training course–one size does not fit all!  Every dog is different, therefore every dog learns differently, and I want to be sure I am right for you and your dog.

It starts with a phone call requesting an evaluation. I use food during the evaluation.  If your dog has a food allergy or food intolerance, please tell me when you make the appointment.

I will  come to your home and observe your dog in his or her natural, every day surroundings. Then I’ll assess your dog on age, breed, personality, temperament, and a number of other factors, and identify behavior problems early, when they are easy to prevent.

This is a “working evaluation.”  I will test out how your dog responds to different techniques–it’s much better to match the training to the dog.  Sometimes I can provide a solution during this visit. alone.   

If not, we’ll sit down together to discuss your goals and needs in regards to your dog’s behavior.   We’ll talk with you about your schedule, your family composition, your goals and objectives. There is no “one size fits all” in behavior modification and problem solving, so I create a customized training and behavior modification program tailored exactly to your dog’s needs, guaranteed to give you optimal results in the shortest amount of time!

I’ll answer all your questions and explain exactly how and why everything works so you know how I’m able to guarantee the training will work for you.