Here’s Why The Coronavirus May Be The Perfect Opportunity To Stop All Of Your Dog’s Behavior Problems




Why live with a dog that’s driving you nuts– just because of the coronavirus?

While the media blabbers on and on about COVID 19, you’ve probably noticed one piece of advice that the talking heads tend to gloss over:

It’s Okay To Go Outside (Especially With Your Dog!)

According to Dr. Ruth Berggren, an infectious disease specialist at UT Health San Antonio: You don’t need to stay cooped up inside your house all day as long as you’re being smart and cautious.

And it’s especially important during times like these that you stimulate your dog’s mind through training and play. It prevents a buildup of frustration and anxiety.

Your Dog Can Sense Your Emotions

Is Fido feeling your worry or just confused with the new Stay-At-Home schedule? Is he acting out just a little? Are there new behaviors (“my dog never did that before”) or old behaviors like house soiling rearing their ugly head?

… your dog shouldn’t have to suffer because of this virus.

Behavior issues, not infectious disease, is the #1 killer of dogs under 3 years of age. Various recent studies quote some alarming statistics…50% – 90% of dogs who are dumped at shelters, given away, or euthanized at veterinary clinics are the direct result of a behavior problem.

Is there still a possibility that somebody, a dog trainer, for example, could prevent that?

I have been giving helpful advice to dog and new puppy owners for 30 years, and many satisfied owners have learned that trained dogs are happier, less likely to stray, make better companions, live longer, enhanced lives and are welcome almost everywhere!  Train your dog if you want him to stay in your home, forever!

During covid-19 crisis, Family Dog Training is offering free behavior consultations and training advice via phone to insure that your dog remains at home, forever.

Need help right away? Call our Pet Helpline at 772-284-9011. I’m here to answer all your dog training questions about your pet so we can help you resolve an issue that will keep your pet at home, with you.

It’s our way of giving back to the community in this stressful time.