Welcome!  My name is Cathy Daugaard and I help discerning Treasure Coast dog owners who need help with their dogs listening reliably at home and in public. 

Know this: if your dog is misbehaving, it’s not your fault!  

Maybe you’ve read the books and watched the YouTube videos, but it doesn’t help.  Much of the information out there is confusing, conflicting, and plain doesn’t work. 

That’s what I’m for!  I’ve spent 28 training dogs and tried about every technique out there and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

Once I get the owner doing the right things, the dog usually starts improving immediately.

If you need guidance training your Service Dog or Therapy dog, raising that new puppy up right, or assistance with naughty behaviors—I can help.  My training methods and programs work and your dog can be a relaxed enjoyable helper and companion. 

Ready for the relief of having a well behaved dog?  I can’t wait to get started!  Call Cathy at 772-284-9011.  Pet Etiquette is licensed & Insured.

Specializing in Service Dogs, Puppies, Unruly Dogs