If Your Dog Has a Behavior Problem, You’ve Come To The Right Place

Whether you are wrangling a new puppy, unruly adolescent, or teaching an old dog new tricks, we can help you train your dog. We have a very high success rate in helping discerning Treasure Coast dog owners with problem behaviors such as not listening, unruly behavior, anxiety and aggression.

Fearful, aggressive dogs become more relaxed and pushy dogs learn that life is far more enjoyable when they cooperate with their owners. Clients that weren’t able to walk down the street without worrying what might happen if their dog met another dog or a child gain the confidence it takes to go for a simple walk



We Teach Obedience, Not Just Commands

the four phases of training diagram

Obedience training is not about getting the dog to do tricks (like sit) for a treat. It’s about living with a well-mannered pet that you enjoy taking along wherever you go – coffee at the cafe and off leash at the beach. It’s about having a calm dog that watches for instructions, settles down on cue, walks politely on leash, waits at doors, and comes when called.

Your dog will learn a handful of core exercises where s/he learns that behaving politely is fun. These core exercises can be used in many types of situations to keep your dog out of trouble and behaving well. Instead of approaching the problem of cat distractions, bike distractions, and other distractions like separate problems with completely different solutions, we teach a few core solutions that can be used in many situations. This global approach makes training easy and your pet will improve incredibly fast .

Choose convenient training in your home or even our even easier board & train

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