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The purpose of obedience training is not about teaching the dog to do tricks for treats, it’s about  living with a well-mannered pet dog that you enjoy taking along wherever you go – coffee at the cafe and off leash at the beach.  It’s about having a calm dog that watches  for instructions, settles down on cue, walks politely on leash, waits at doors, and comes when called.

Most people are surprised at how relatively little time it takes to teach their pets basic commands, and what a fun and rewarding experience dog training can be. Choose from convenient private lessons or our even easier board & train program.  No matter what the problem, dog training will only make it better, and our training is guaranteed.  Our methods are distinctly motivational and highly effective.  Click here to arrange a  short phone consultation and find out how Pet Etiquette can turn your problem pooch into a proper pet.

“When I adopted “Charlie” I knew he would be a handful. Well, he is a wonderful and very smart dog and I wouldn’t trade him for the world, but he is very strong, and his social skills have had little practice. (mostly because his behavior startled most of my friends and they wouldn’t come in to visit) With one phone call and one visit from Cathy, I know have the information I need to work with Charlie and his companion dog. They both are responding very quickly and pleasantly to my new attempts at training. I had pretty much given up on any formal training and all but alleviated walking my dogs because of their “uncontrollable” nature. Now I can walk both dogs at once with slack leads and actually enjoy the walk. Thank you, Cathy.”



Cathy, who is this dog and what did you do with Buddy?

He is so calm and he minds! He does not jump on us or try to bite our hands or jump on the furniture, he sits, comes, lays down and even stays fairly well.

This is amazing! Thank you so much!



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